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Goldesel befindet sich auf Platz der meistbesuchten Webseiten in Deutschland. Deine größte Quelle für die neusten Downloads und. Haftbefehl - Russisch Roulette (Deluxe Edition). Hip-Hop kbit/s. / 26 Hits. VIDP2PDDL 1 Kommentare · Uhr. Haftbefehl -. Home; Games.» Windows ·» xBoxOne ·» PS4 ·» WII. Filme.» x ·» Sammlung ·» XviD ·» USx ·» USXviD ·» RSVCD ·» p ·» p ·» DVD​-R.

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Robert Nickson feat. Elsa Hill Artist Info. Darren Tate vs. Jono Grant Artist Info. Canarias Artist Info. Oceanlab feat justine suissa - satellite above and beyond remix.

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Milk inc - time kevin marshalls rewinded mix. Piano pirates - when you touch me club mix. Such will perish. Some say, no one can know the day and hour of the Rapture.

We cannot know the day and hour the heaven and earth pass away. To the best of my memory, before I came to the saving grace of Jesus Christ, I did not think about God at all.

I did not read the Bible. I did not go to church. I did not think about dying, or heaven or hell. I owned my own business and tried to be a good person.

I thought I had succeeded by my own wits. One evening, my wife and I heard documentation that these were the last days before Jesus Christ would return.

Not wanting to hear it, I almost walked out. Something kept me there, and I listened, but was not convinced.

I decided to do some research to find out if the Bible was true. Indeed, if I could find one contradiction or anything that was not true, then I could disregard it.

I thought this would be easy. This led me into much research. I learned nearly one—third of the Bible is, directly or indirectly, related to prophecy.

I needed to determine when the Bible was written. Thus, a study of biblical history, translations, and archaeology was necessary.

It has been proven that these were written before Christ came. Thousands of clay tablets and archaeological sites confirmed many accounts in the Bible.

I took time off and began studying the prophecies. My wife spent much time at the library. She obtained documentation from reference books and various sources, which I would check against the Scriptures to see if the prophecies took place.

I worked on it day and night. One week went by, and then a month. No stone was left unturned. Every prophecy we were able to document proved to be true.

I was astonished, but still not convinced. Later, people would show me what appeared to be mistakes and contradictions in the Bible.

Turned out, these were not contradictions, but only a lack of research on their part. Even after four months of intensive study, night and day, authenticating prophecy after prophecy, I was still skeptical.

I became more determined. Thousands of prophecies, and every one perfect? No, impossible! If I would admit that, then I would also have to admit that God in heaven exists, and that I needed to surrender myself to Him.

I was not prepared to do that—yet, I wanted to know the truth. More months passed. I still refused to admit the Bible was all true.

I pushed on. More and more research took place. Unknown to me, before I reached this point, my wife had received Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior, but not me.

I was just too stubborn. Perhaps, my success in the business world was also blinding me. Perhaps, it was my refusal to admit I had been wrong all my life.

Perhaps, it was that I just did not want to repent and change. But then, finally, after thousands of hours, I just gave up and stopped.

I had to admit that I was wrong. I became afraid. I understood that I would perish. I knew what I had to do to be born again.

I repented and surrendered my life to Jesus Christ. I got on my knees and prayed. Afterward, I was baptized by full immersion. Jn —For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

I may have been the biggest skeptic in the world , but now I know—the Bible is true and is the Word of God. Anyone doing the same research could only come to the same conclusion, if they are honest with themselves.

Some mistakenly baptize babies. It becomes an obsession for some; yet, no one has ever succeeded. I know, because I was one. Some have even resorted to telling lies about the Bible, hoping to cause some to turn from God.

I know this also, as some have contacted me, but when I checked out what they said, I found they were dishonest. If anyone could prove the Bible was not true, it would probably make the headlines of nearly every major media outlet in the world.

People of the world will soon need a copy of what you may be about to read. It is amazing. Nearly all of the final prophecies or the signs of the times in the Bible that were to occur before the Rapture are now in place.

In the next few years the Rapture is expected. It will be followed by the horrible Tribulation. Most cannot name one of the prophecies. Lk —57—Jesus said: When ye see a cloud rise out of the west, straightway ye say, There cometh a shower; and so it is.

And when ye see the south wind blow, ye say, There will be heat; and it cometh to pass. Ye hypocrites, ye can discern or understand the face of the sky and of the earth; but how is it that ye do not discern or understand this time?

This message may be called a road sign of warning. The sign was meant to warn them of impending danger. The Bible clearly reveals the following.

Yes, it is happening now, even in schools. Yes, it is happening now. Have you noticed weather patterns throughout the world are beginning to change?

People have said the end was near many times—true. However, did you know that no prophecy of the latter years of the last days had any meaning, until one seemingly impossible event took place?

That event was the rebirth of the nation of Israel. The Bible gives app. Many people have been preaching about the latter years of the end times in churches, on radio, TV, the Internet, in books, and magazines.

To those that understand the Bible, these things should be understood. There is only 1 chance in 8 x 10 to the 63rd power, or 80 with 63 zeros after it that such a thing could be done.

Include the rebirth of a specific nation and how it would be reborn. Include what the people and church would be like in those days.

Do eleven straight prophecies and be perfect on every one. The Bible not only does this eleven times, but hundreds of times.

Some may say no one can know and understand the times we are in. Hear the words of Jesus Himself. Is there an event that you cannot know the day and hour of?

It is heaven and earth passing away an event that takes place more than years in the future —of that event, you cannot know the day and hour, no not the angels of heaven—Mt , Needful general info: The Northern Kingdom of Israel was destroyed app.

The Southern Kingdom of Judah ended about years later—app. Since that time, about 14 different peoples have possessed the land of Israel.

The idea that Israel would ever become a nation again seemed impossible. Prophecy number 1. Against what appeared to be impossible odds , this prophecy was fulfilled on May 14, , after about years had passed.

Immediately, the combined powers of Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, and Egypt attacked seeking to destroy them. Israel had no chance.

They had little to defend themselves against even one nation, let alone 5. Yet God was with them. They prevailed. Prophecy fulfilled.

As already stated, this generation would end with the events called the Rapture, the Tribulation, the Battle of Armageddon, return of Christ, and gathering of the elect.

That generation should not exceed 70 to 80 years—ref Ps The Bible foretold that most people would not be aware of what the Bible said regarding the signs of the times, including the church.

The Bible foretold of mockers that would not be saved —Jude Prophecy 2. Prophecy fulfilled May 14, On Nov.

At precisely 4pm, the proclamation ceremony began at the Tel Aviv Museum. The Hebrew words of the Scroll of Independence were read. All stood, and the scroll was adopted.

The notorious White Paper, issued by the British in , restricting Jewish immigration, was declared null and void. This meeting is ended. President Truman was swift in announcing U.

Prophecy 3. In addition, the children of Israel have returned to Israel from nations all over the world. Prophecy 4. This happened in This should be explained after the signs of the times.

Everyone will live forever, but will it be with God, or in the lake of fire? Prophecy 5. The last Christian church age before the Rapture would be lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot.

Spiritually, it would be asleep. God will spew them out. Little Scripture is used anymore that drives a person to their knees in repentance because of sin.

Jesus and the Apostles taught sound doctrine, which included baptism by full immersion following repentance. Most churchgoers know little of these subjects.

Some churches are entertainment, socializing, and sports centers. In nearly every Christian church today, the Word of God is standing outside knocking on their door, but their door is shut to being corrected and repenting.

Many Bible universities, famous ministers, and television evangelists think this is the best church age ever, because they have vast outreaches; however, what they teach is wretched, when compared with the teachings of Christ.

The Bible gives about descriptions of the people of the latter days. These fit the people of today perfectly, but they did not fit those of 50 or years ago.

Here are some. Prophecy 6. Some would depart from the faith and go into devil worship —1 Tim This is perfect.

Prophecy 7. People would mock about the latter days of the last days and would not believe —2 Pe ; Jude Are you one of them? Prophecy 8. People or we may say children would be disobeying their parents —2 Tim ,2.

Many parents can verify this is very true. Was it true 50 years ago? Not nearly as much. Prophecy 9. What we call alternate lifestyles would increase and prosper —Lk ,30; Gen ; Ro ,26, As little as 25 years ago, alternate lifestyles were rare.

Now, it is as common as some of your neighbors. That's 9 out of 9. Prophecy People would be without self—control in sex —2 Tim ,2,6; Rev ; Lk ,30; Jude 7.

It is rare for newlyweds to both be virgins anymore. Multiple sex partners are common. Some just live together in sin. People would love pleasures more than God —2 Tim ,2,4.

Picnics, football, soccer, or sleep comes first. Remember, these were predicted as part of the signs that we were at the time of the end.

That's 11 out of We have just reached the point that seemed impossible. There was only one chance in 80 with 63 zeros that anyone could write 11 straight predictions, years into the future, and be perfect on everyone.

If such a set of predictions did exist, it would have to be the Word of God. Yet, there is more! People would be taking drugs —Rev The Greek word for sorceries, in Rev , refers to pharmaceuticals or drugs.

How could you have any doubts at this point? Does anyone fear God anymore? The Bible is never wrong.

There would be weapons that could destroy the world —Mk ; Rev ; Rev ; Zech , Incredibly, this prophecy was written in the days of swords, spears and arrows.

It is estimated that the nuclear arsenals of the USA and Russia as of now could kill every living thing on earth 6 times over.

Russia and the USA both have bombs that are x more powerful than those used against Japan. They have delivery systems that could strike the other in 8 to 15 minutes.

Consider, years ago, people thought the earth was flat, yet the Bible tells us it is round—ref Isa People had crazy ideas about what held the earth up, even though the Bible says it hangs upon nothing—Job People were wrong.

The Bible was right. In the latter days, when Israel was again a nation, there would be a great military power to its extreme north in the land of Magog which is modern Russia —Ezek —4,8,15, Moscow is almost directly north of Israel.

How could the Bible have foretold the location of a nation, facts about its military, and the time period it would happen?

Russia is one of the two great military powers in the world. We are listing only a few of the prophecies that are expected to be fulfilled before the Rapture and Tribulation happen— are now in place.

There would be a nation to the far east of Israel , to the end of the earth. They would have an army of million.

How could the Bible, years ago, have foretold the time period and location of a specific nation and the size of its military? The Bible is true.

Here are two additional ones. Violence would increase. Have you noted the violence now going on in the Middle East? Women are kidnapped, raped and sold.

People are beheaded. Violence has jumped all over the world, even in schools. This was not true 35 years ago. The time of the end is at hand. How much proof do you need to have?

There would be an economic alliance of the nations of the Old Roman Empire. This is a description of the European Union today the EU.

It has adopted a one—currency system for many of its nations. The Rapture will happen soon. The Tribulation will follow. Even the biggest skeptic should see the Bible is true if they are honest.

God does exist, and the Bible is His Word, and we have proved it. Study the Gospel daily, and obey it. God loves you. He really does. Turn from sin to Jesus.

Then be baptized by immersion. When Jesus comes to catch away His people, many will realize it is about to happen.

However, it will be too late to repent. Excuses do not lead to heaven. What is written? Repent and be baptized every one of you—Acts The Rapture ends the church age.

The Tribulation begins soon after. Do not be deceived. The Revelation portrays the raptured saints in heaven, before the throne of God, prior to the Antichrist coming forth.

All others will face the dreadful Tribulation. The number of people that will be raptured will be very small. Most that believe they will be raptured will be left behind—ref Mt ,14, 21—23; ; — Some are famous and have large outreaches on the airwaves.

They deceive many with their ideas that are contrary to good, sound Bible doctrine. Those that listen to them are not aware of them.

The Bible tells us that this is the age of religious deception, when people will not put up with sound doctrine, but they will gather around themselves teachers that will say what their worldly and itching ears desire to hear.

If you are one of them, you need to repent. Some may wrongly believe the Bible teaches no man can know the day and hour of the Rapture. It is true, those not ready will not know or understand; however, those watching and ready will know.

Born again Christians can know through the signs of the time. The Scriptures speak of 7 Jewish feast days. The Feast of Trumpets is the next one to be fulfilled.

Two trumpets are blown—the first one and the last one. This is usually in September. This is the day the Rapture is expected to come.

It will be within a generation of the rebirth of Israel. That generation began May 14, and could continue to as late as —ref Ps The hour it will come is at midnight Israeli time —Mt If it would come this year, would you be ready?

After the Rapture, the spirit of lawlessness will be unleashed. Sin, hate, and every kind of evil can be expected to explode as never before throughout the world.

Click here for more info on the 7 Feasts of Israel. What you may be about to read or hear is true. It has not been watered—down or modified to try and keep your attention.

It has not been altered, so it would say what your itching ears might want to hear. Only Jesus Christ, Who is come in the flesh, is to be glorified.

Immediately following the Rapture, there will be no true, born again Christians left on the earth. The ones left will be those that had not repented, or if they did, they turned back.

In some cases, their Bibles were rarely read. They never understood about making a covenant with Christ by sacrifice—Ps Excuses and unbelief will abide with many that are not taken.

Many may have thought that only saying a prayer would save them, as many famous preachers said. Yet their Bibles would show this was not correct.

Immediately following the Rapture, the spirit of lawlessness will be let loose. Violence worldwide will increase and begin approaching the way it was before the flood.

Immediately following the Rapture, the man of sin called Antichrist, and many other names comes forth-2 Thes — He assumes control of the EU. He will be brilliant, charismatic and have an unusual, almost hypnotic, power of persuasion.

He is the son of Satan. God warns Israel, in His Word, that their agreement with hell would not stand. Israel does not heed His warning.

Immediately following the Rapture, , male, virgin Jews are sealed with the seal of the living God on their foreheads.

This seal will protect them. Twelve thousand are sealed from each of the tribes of Israel. None are sealed from the tribe of Dan.

Those days should be shortened. The Lord had shortened those days. He hath shortened the days. He will cut it short.

The entire Tribulation is a 7 year period of days each, which is also days, or 84 months of 30 days each.

The event that separates them is called the Abomination of Desolation which is explained further on. If the Lord had not shortened the days of the Tribulation, no flesh or life would be saved or would survive.

Most Jews may not understand this, until certain events happen sooner than expected. Few, if any Gentiles, may comprehend this now, or later.

This is why the elect must look for the Abomination to occur, rather than counting days from the covenant of Dan This should be explained under Tribulation Shortened.

Day one of the Tribulation occurs when the Antichrist confirms a covenant or agreement with Israel and others for 7 years.

There are no adequate words to describe how bad the Tribulation will be. The first part will be terrifying. The second part will be even worse. Not long after the Rapture , God will bring Russia forth against Israel.

Iran and others will come also. Russia attacks Israel to carry away silver, gold, and food, and to take a great spoil. This indicates they will be hurting for food and finances.

Are there any signs that this is beginning to happen now? Tiny Israel, despite its military advances, will have no chance.

But, then, God steps in and makes His presence known. He destroys nearly all the invaders in such a way that the world will recognize Jesus Christ is alive and is protecting Israel—Ez 38, The destruction of the invading armies will start with an earthquake.

The invaders will go into a state of confusion and turn their weapons on each other. A plague and sickness will strike them.

Heavy rains will come. Huge hailstones will rain down on them. Burning coals of sulfur will also come down.

Only one—sixth of the Russian invaders will be left alive. The birds and wild animals will have a great feast.

God will be glorified as a result. Those that plunder Israel will become plunder for Israel. The dead bodies will be buried for seven months.

Then men will search for more bones. The USA becomes involved, but at what point is unclear. God will send fire upon both nations.

The massive destruction will come from aircraft, missiles, and satellites of the opposing nation. The battle will take 4 hours of the day and 4 hours of the night.

Thick clouds will cover one—third of the earth. The fiery red horse will have been unleashed. Are there any problems developing between the USA and Russia right now?

The nearly two billion people that will die will have had no chance to repent , as this happens soon after the Rapture.

Therefore, ALL perish to hell —ref Rev Hell followed all that died. As a result of the Russian—USA exchange, one—third of trees will be burned up.

All green grass worldwide will be burned up, as the radio active fallout follows the wind currents. This includes farm crops.

One—third of the waters will become wormwood or poisoned, or radioactive, or bitter. One—third of the sea will become blood. One—third of the creatures in the sea will die—thus, a shortage of fish.

One—third of the ships will be destroyed. Few ever thought this war would happen. From this point on, much of the USA and Russia can be expected to be a radioactive pile of ash.

They will no longer be on the world scene. The USA will be as a tree that is reduced to a stump. Few are left alive.

The dead bodies will become food for the wild animals and birds. The USA has turned their back on God. The preaching has become watered—down.

Nearly every perverse sin imaginable has become acceptable. How often do you fast unto the Lord —perhaps for a week each year? Do you ever fast even for a day?

Do you tithe? The Bible teaches FEW go to heaven. Did you ever hear a clergy say any deceased person went to hell? Some even teach there is a purgatory.

It is unbiblical—Lk ,23; 2 Cor A united Europe led by the Antichrist will reach far and wide. China and the Kings of the East will dominate the east.

They should alert the world as to what is happening and lead many to repent and follow Christ. However, children will betray their parents to the authorities.

Wives and husbands will betray each other. Hate and coldness will be everywhere, but even more toward those that would dare to believe in Christ.

False christs and false prophets that do miracles will come forth causing many to be confused and misled. Following WW3, Jews from around the world that survived will be gathered to their own land of Israel, and none will be left behind.

Massive famines will follow WW3. The black horse of starvation will be released. Increased earthquakes , unusual weather patterns , and huge tidal waves or tsunamis will continue to increase as birth pangs of a woman.

None that are involved with this institution will be raptured, including the priests and pope. This church has its roots back to the Babylonian cult, which claimed to possess the highest wisdom.

The priest then had him in his power. When Attalus died in B. Astrology is part of this church. It is headquartered in a small, independent area of Rome called the Vatican.

It has an almost hypnotic hold on many people. It may be said that the heart of this church is seductiveness, deception, manipulation, domination, and control.

To many, she is the way to heaven, but, in reality, her people are all bound for hell, not the unbiblical purgatory. On the outside, she looks beautiful; but on the inside, she is an abomination.

Kings, heads of nations, and important people will become intoxicated with this Great Harlot during the first part of the Tribulation.

Once a person is entangled in the web of the whore, with its enticing doctrines, beauty, and splendor, then hell awaits them Few ever escape.

As Satan is transformed into an angel of light 2 Cor —15 , even so is this church. The city of Rome will become a center of commerce and trade.

Ships will transport goods all over the world. This includes slaves and young girls. Through her, merchants will become rich.

Greed, money, and power, describe this city. Senseless violence , looting, rioting, destroying, and killing will continue to get worse and worse, as the salt of the earth is gone.

Brutal killings, such as burning people alive, will not be uncommon during the Tribulation. Hate will abound.

The Bible reveals that there are two groups in heaven that will be martyred. One group should be from the first part of the Tribulation—ref Rev — These were not killed for refusing to worship the image, as it does not yet exist.

This is a great multitude that loved not their lives unto the death—Rev They would not take the mark or worship the image. They are from every nation and are clothed in white robes with palm branches in their hands, which indicates victory.

Jesus shall wipe away all tears from their eyes. Both groups will come to trust in Jesus Christ during the Tribulation. Every form of abomination , perversion, and sin will increase.

Wickedness will be everywhere. Transgressors will become completely wicked. Alternate lifestyles will be an accepted way of life.

Others will go after all kinds of flesh. As the days of Lot , and of Sodom and Gomorrah were, so the earth will be.

The Antichrist will continue to grow in power and authority. All sorts of diseases or pestilences will come upon people in various places.

All these things will be like birth pangs of a woman, increasing in frequency and intensity. Wars and rumors of wars will continue.

Wild animals will attack people. Drugs and drunkenness will be everywhere. During the first part of the Tribulation, construction will begin on a new temple on the Temple Mount in Israel.

D, when they had been cut off by Titus. At this time, the sacrifices will begin once again in Israel. The , Many repent.

Part one of the Tribulation draws to a close. The ,, which are redeemed or ransomed from among men, will be before the throne of God on the heavenly Mt.

They are the firstfruits unto God and to the Lamb. They are without fault before the throne of God. When a person is in the Tribulation and all these horrible things are come upon them, if they turn to the Lord their God and obey His voice, God will not forsake them.

He will not forget His covenant, for the Lord God is merciful. The Unexpected Time. However, the Antichrist, proclaiming he is God, will come sooner than expected.

There will be a war in heaven. Satan and his angels will fight against the archangel Michael and his angels. The Devil and his angels will be defeated.

The Devil will be cast down to the earth. One—third of the angels of heaven will also be cast down. There will no longer be any place in heaven for them.

Not only is life a test for the people of the earth, it is also a test for the angels. Will they follow God, or follow Satan? Satan, which deceiveth the whole world, the bright, shining star that had accused the brethren day and night, will fall from heaven.

There will be rejoicing in heaven. When the Devil sees that he is cast to the earth, he will be furious.

Satan had thought in his heart that the day would come, when he would exalt his throne above the stars of God. He had thought he would be like the Most High.

The greatest slaughter of those that follow Jesus is about to begin. God had warned Israel—when they made an agreement or covenant with the Antichrist or with hell —it would be cancelled.

This agreement started the Tribulation. He told Israel the bed was too short and the covering was too narrow—meaning the agreement was no good—Dan The only true protection one can truly have, must come from God.

Things will be happening so fast that the newsmedia may barely be able to keep up. Approximately 27 major events are expected to happen in about a two week period.

They are both Jews or olive trees. The power of God will protect Moses and Elijah for days, so they cannot be harmed or killed.

Any that try to harm them will be killed by fire. They both will have their natural body and will be clothed in sackcloth. They have the power to shut up heaven, so it does not rain, and to bring all kinds of plagues on the earth.

Note: The rain being cut off causes the Euphrates River to dry up. This enables the Kings of the East to cross over it in the latter part of the Tribulation, as they come to Israel.

Note: Whether the rain being shut off is only in Israel and the Middle East, including the Euphrates, is not known.

Scripture does not seem to indicate the whole world will have no rain. Some wondered if Enoch will be one of the two.

He was not a Jew. At Passover, children are taught to expect Elijah to come before the dreadful Day of the Lord which is Armageddon.

They will warn the people against taking the mark and worshipping the image. It is an unforgivable sin. They will preach the Gospel of the Kingdom—that is, the year reign of Christ.

All the world will see that their power is greater than that of the Antichrist; yet, most will not heed their warnings. They will turn the heart of the fathers to the children and the children to their fathers.

The world can see it on their handheld devices and the TV. But then the impossible happens. His deadly wound will be healed. As the Antichrist comes back to life, a spirit will come up from the bottomless pit to occupy his body.

That spirit was once alive, but then dead, and now is alive again in the Antichrist. The world is astonished.

He declares himself to be God and moves into the rebuilt temple in Jerusalem. The daily sacrifice is taken away. They ascribe to him deity.

Who is able to kill him? The Antichrist will exalt himself above all that is called God, or that is worshipped. He will sit in the temple of God showing himself that he is God.

He honors the god of forces, which is Satan, with gold, silver, precious stones and costly gifts. He glorifies the Devil which is also called the Dragon in the Scriptures.

He will do great miracles and wonders, so that, if it were possible, he could deceive even the very elect of God.

His power will be as a result of Satan. The world will be persuaded that this is god, and he speaks the truth. He causes craft or deceit to prosper.

He has no desire for women. He will change the set times and the laws. The various feast days of the past can be expected to be erased. He will have power over all people and every nation.

He will accuse the God of heaven of things that have never been heard. He slanders His name, His tabernacle, and those that dwell in heaven.

No person, or ruler on earth, has any power or authority to stand against him. He is as a messenger of light. He has all the power of the Antichrist.

He brings glory to the Antichrist and causes the earth to worship the Antichrist. He does great wonders and miracles. He makes fire come down from the sky as people watch.

He deceives the whole world by the miracles he does. He has the spirit of a devil. He the False Prophet tells the people to make an image of or unto the Antichrist, or to honor the Antichrist.

Satan himself will occupy the image. It actually comes to life and speaks. The image will be set upon a wing of the temple. The temple will be defiled.

As horrible as the first part of the Tribulation is, the second part will be far, far worse. Note Six times the Revelation gives the length of one half of the Tribulation.

However, this always refers to the second part. This will only be understood by a few, until the various events actually happen.

The image speaks. It causes all that will not worship the image to be killed. In other words, it is Satan that will cause those that will not worship Satan to be killed.

Satan had offered Jesus all the kingdoms of the world, if He would fall down and worship him—ref Mt However, the Antichrist accepts this offer.

He is given all the kingdoms of the world, but it only lasts 42 months. The hatred of Satan, his Antichrist, and the False Prophet against the followers of Christ will be without limit.

They could not count days from the covenant, and then flee. Most Jews should understand this, as that day approaches.

Most Gentiles may not. The first part being cut has to do with the elect Jews, not the Gentiles. Let it be stated this way. If Satan, the Antichrist, and False Prophet would have been allowed by God to have the full days, no flesh should be saved.

The people of Judaea that keep the commandments of God and have the testimony of Jesus Christ are told to flee instantly and without hesitation. They are told to do this the instant they see that the image is set on a wing of the temple which is the Abomination of Desolation.

They will be able to see the Abomination as it takes place with their handheld devices. Such a thing was unthinkable not long ago.

Even as the Abomination is occuring, the authorities will already be headed to their houses to arrest them. They are to flee fast to the mountains, to a place God will have prepared for them to dwell in safety.

What should a mother do? If she goes to get her child, both of them will be caught, tortured, and killed.

A father has a thought to get a jacket, so he hesitates and gets caught. The obedient will escape. If a person is caught, the full wrath of Satan will be poured out against them, unless they take the mark and worship the image.

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